It’s true… the profit in slush drinks is incredible. 

On average, a 10oz cup of slush has a retail value of £1.75, and with the slush drink costing no more than 27% of the sale price to produce including the cup, lid and straw, the profit really does speak for itself.

Here’s a guide to how much profit* you can potentially make with just five trading days a week.

Drinks Per Day

Weekly Profit Monthly Profit

Annual Profit


£61 £242



£121 £484



£242 £968



£363 £1,452


* Figures based on sales of 10oz cups at RRP £1.46 (£1.75 incl VAT), with a cost of £0.25 for cup and straw, leaving profit of £1.21 per cup. All prices exclude VAT at 20%.