Try every flavour of the rainbow

Every time you think of slush, there are certain flavours that you can’t help remembering.

The citrus twist of Lemon & Lime, the icy blast of Strawberry or the ultimate old school classic, Blue Raspberry.

At Rainbow Slush, we know how widely-loved these flavours of slush are. That’s why we developed a range of syrups full of classics and instant favourites, creating the perfect flavours to always have in stock.

Our Rainbow Slush range of syrups are perfect for satisfying customer demand and providing slushes you can always rely on.

They are made from ingredients of the highest quality, are low in sugar and are free from most common allergens, including nuts.

Manufactured to our specification here in the UK, our Rainbow Slush flavours are also free from AZO dyes.

Suitable for vegetarians, halal diet and gluten-free, all our syrups are made in a food-grade manufacturing environment to ensure that the product you serve is of the finest quality, with every cup.

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Our Rainbow Slush range includes:

Blue Raspberry

The ultimate old school classic - an iconic blue slush bursting with lush, juicy raspberries

Lemon & Lime

A refreshingly sharp citrus burst of lemon and lime that’s guaranteed to make the tongue tingle


Simple, timeless and tasty, slush that’s bursting with ripe strawberry lushness and flavour

Pink Bubblegum

Something a little bit different, this old school flavour is perfect for kids of any age

Mixed Fruit

A little taste of everything, perfect for those who can’t decide on their favourite flavour


Perfect for those with more exotic taste buds, this icy blend of tropical fruits is the ultimate chill-out slush


Another slush flavour classic, who doesn’t love an icy orange blast on a hot, sunny day?