Classic Cocktail

While kids of all ages can enjoy a refreshing cup of slush, the icy mix can also be used as a base for making delicious alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) cocktails.

Our range of cocktail slush flavours has been developed with this market in mind. Manufactured here in the UK, our cocktail slush flavours are suitable for vegetarians, halal diet and gluten-free.

All our syrups are made in a food-grade manufacturing environment that is free of most major allergens, to ensure that the product you serve is of the finest quality, with every cup.

Cocktail slushes are a growing trend that your business can’t afford to miss out on. Providing incredible profit margins, slush cocktails are the way to keep up with customer demand and offer them the refreshing, delicious and amazing taste of something new.

Our range of syrups is suited to cocktails and mocktails alike, providing the perfect slushes to serve to customers of all ages.

Our Cocktail Range Includes:


This classic Cuban highball flavour combines lime juice and mint, making it the perfect base for your rum cocktails.

Strawberry Daiquiri

The sweetness of ripe summer strawberries and the kick of fresh lime make this classic daiquiri base a real crowd-pleaser.


The citrus zest and fresh lime make our margarita mixer a tart, zingy and satisfying base for a classic cocktail that has stood the test of time.

Pina Colada

This tangy pineapple and cooling coconut base is ideal for serving up one of the world’s most popular tropical cocktails.

Blue Lagoon

Sweet and sharp, this classic summer cocktail with a citrus twist is perfect for chilling with friends and relaxing in the sun.

Elderflower Cooler

​A subtly-scented, delicately-floral mixer perfect for summer coolers, prosecco spritzers and botanical cocktails.