Does having a slush machine increase the work load for staff?
Installing a slush machine would not be a major workload for the staff, as the machine is self-efficient. All you simply have to do is top the machine up with product as it sells!
Will I be trained on how to use the machine?
All machines are installed using our own trained engineers who will provide a full demonstration on how to use the machine.
How much electric does this machine need?
A twin bowl slush machine will cost around 11 pence per hour to run. This figure has been calculated based on electric costing 13.75 pence per KWh.
Do I need a mains water supply?
The machine will not need a direct water supply.
How do I clean the machine?
The cleansing of slush machines is very straight forward. When installing machine we run through the steps on the day and leave you with a guide to help.
How much space does a slush machine take up?
The foot space for a slush machine is minimal but it is important to leave 20cm or 8 inches around all to allow airflow. Further information regarding exact sizes can be found on our ‘slush machines’ page.
What if I need help with my machine?
Should you require any support we have a team of trained slush machines gurus ready to support you.
How long does the product last?
The product will last 7 days.