There’s no denying that winter is a time to where you want to curl up with blankets or get warm and cosy in front of the fire.

Although Christmas is a great time for traditions, it’s always nice to try new things to stop your festivities from growing stale. This year, shake up your winter routine or add an extra bit of sparkle to your festive events and menus with our Christmas slush combos.

Combining traditional Christmas flavours and ingredients into a slush, you can create the ultimate festive drinks menu. Picking our best Christmas slush combos, we’ve got the perfect drinks that both taste and feel like winter, making them perfect for you, your customers or your guests to enjoy.


Cranberry Christmas slush

Using cranberry as the main ingredient in your slush creates an incredible festive drink, from its taste down to its vibrant red colour.

Not only delicious, cranberry slush makes an excellent drink to pair with your meals, particularly turkey dishes.

This slush can also be made with a helping of vodka, making a wonderful adult only cocktail to enjoy.


Hot chocolate slush

For the days when you can’t choose between a hot chocolate or a slush, why not offer both? In a hot chocolate slush, you get the best of both worlds.

Made with a combination of milk and hot chocolate mix, this frozen drink is an indulgent chocolatey goodness that can’t be missed. Topped with cream and an extra dusting of chocolate, this drink is one that children and adults alike will be unable to resist.


Mulled wine slush

Like the hot chocolate slush, this drink is perfect for those who want to keep it festive with a mulled wine and while also enjoying a slush.

The mulled wine slush gives you the spices and flavours of mulled wine in a refreshing and cool drink. Although its perhaps not the best option for those wondering outside in the Christmas markets, the slush drink is perfect for indoor parties and social events, or when you’re already curled up by the fire.


Eggnog slush

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, eggnog slush is a great way to retain the flavour of the egg based festive drink.

For the adults, the, rum and brandy drink is given a texture and temperature that is more refreshing and easier to enjoy.

As a massive Christmas drink, eggnog is both loved or hated by many. With our eggnog slush, you may have just the thing to change people’s minds on the drink while getting them into the festive spirit.


Christmas is the perfect time of year to indulge, giving you the opportunity to try new flavours and put your own unique spin on Christmas. The festive slush flavours are excellent for any Christmas function, or for your customers to enjoy as they spend time with their family and friends over the season.

For more information on how to make the most from your slush machine this winter, get in touch with a member of our team today.